Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. I’m a businessman living in Tokyo, Japan.


I’ve been interested in fashion since the age of my discretion, and I’ve become addicted to the fashion so that I can feel the great pleasure and even healing by wearing clothes. And now, it’s no exaggeration to say that one of the foundations of my heart is fashion.


One of the things that made me realize how big my love for fashion was the existence of a fashion blog which I started writing in 2013.


As I continued to write that blog, I gained a lot of learning while touching knowledge about fashion, develop myself, meeting various people who also love fashion, and interacting them. Above all, I was able to find out how deeply my love for fashion was.


I have experienced various styles of fashin so far, but after a twist and turns, I arrived at the world of Italian elegance. “Elegance” reminds me of Paris in France, but I’m attracted to not French elegance with “completed beauty”,but Italian elegance with “imperfect beauty” that has some human odor.


Over the last few years, I have especially loved classic styles that are simple, basic, and modern. My commitment to attire is “beauty”.


In addition, I am strongly attracted to items that have been filled with people’s passion. I especially like handmade items, but personally I feel that the point of how much human passion is put in is more important than the production method.


In that sense, I think the clothes I wear are more like “art works” than “tools”. I would like to continue to enjoy wearing it while having maximum respect and gratitude for those who have been involved in such “work creation”.