タートルネック×ジャケットスタイリング/ How to coordinate the turtleneck and jacket ?

今日は「タートルネック×ジャケットスタイリング」と言うテーマを掲げて、「Style Book」コンテンツのカジュアル編の記事をお送りしたいと思います。

Today, I would like to write an article with the theme of “How to coordinate the turtleneck and jacket ?” And in this article, I consider the points to pay attention when coordinating the turtleneck and jacket.


・TPOと装い/Situation and Attire


I’ll introduce a casual style on Saturday in mid-November. The day was sunny and the maximum temperature was around 18 degrees, but the wind was a little cold. Therefore, no coat was needed outside during the day, but I decided to wear a turtleneck against the cold.



Because this day was a holiday work, I put a jacket on the turtleneck.The jacket is a thin wool x silk x cashmere material, a brown-based Glen check pattern jacket. A white high-gauge turtleneck was combined with this, and a small pattern printed silk stall was selected as an accent.



In addition, I selected flannel black trousers and dark brown suede loafers.


・あとがき/ Consideration


One thing to keep in mind when dressing up beautifully by combining items is that the level of the dress and casual items must match.



The combination this time is a jacket and a turtleneck. As you know, the origine of the jacket dates back to British military uniforms. On the other hands, the turtleneck as the clothing was said to have been a work clothes that originated, and was used as a practical item for protecting the neck and for cold weather.



What I want to say is that the jacket is an item of dress / formal origin, whereas the turtleneck is of work clothes, that is, casual.



When combining items with different personalities, it is necessary to align the dress with the casual level as described above.



Specifically, the jackets born from dresses makes dressed down by selecting casual colors, patterns and materials. The casual turtleneck makes dressed up by selecting high gauge and plain items instead of low gauge or cable knit. This means that both dress and casual levels are balanced and easy to match(looks beautiful).



This does not mean that the middle gauge or cable knitting do not fit this jacket. It depends on individual preference, how do you want to wear, so I think there is little discomfort even when combined.



However, I think that the important point for beautifully dressing is to match the dress and casual level of the items to be combined.