A2型ブルゾン×タイドアップスタイル/ A2 type blouson and tie combinations

今日は「バルスターブルゾン×タイドアップスタイル」と言うテーマを掲げて、「Style Book」コンテンツのドレス編の記事をお送りしたいと思います。

Today, I would like to write an article with the theme of “A2 type blouson and tie combinations” And in this article, I consider about variety of ways to enjoy attire.

※The definition of a dress style is a tie style in this site.


・TPOと装い/Situation and Attire


I’ll introduce the attire of late March 2020. Although it was cloudy throughout the day, the maximum temperature rose to about 20 degrees. However, the minimum temperature was below 10 degrees Celsius, and it was a day with a large difference in temperature.



I didn’t plan to meet with the customer and it was Friday, so I decided to enjoy the casual Friday attire.



In this situation, I choose an A2 type dark-brown leather blouson and a oxford white shirt. And I tied a brown wool knit-tie.



I also wore beige cotton chino-trousers, and selected brown loafers for my shoes.


・あとがき/ Consideration


I think that one of the most important things in dressing is to first imagine the goal of the attire, what kind of atmosphere you want to dress.



For example, I wrote in the article, “Winter riders leather jacket styling“, the leather-wear tends to be more hard atmosphere than other materials.



If you want to take advantage of the hard atmosphere of leather-wear, you can combine items such as black silk ties, black denim, and black-colored boots to create a harder atmosphere.



I wanted to have a soft atmosphere while using leather wear. Therefore, the tie to combine this attire was not silk, but wool-knit, and the color was light brown.



In addition, by combining the bright beige-colored cotton chino to the trousers and the brown-colored loafer to the shoes, I was conscious of the soft and casual attire.



There is more than one way to enjoy attire. I think that how to coordinate items of your favorite brand, design, color, pattern and material is one of the ways to enjoy your attire.



Also, as I introduced today, I feel that being able to make a style that I intend to wear is another way of enjoying the attire. We wear clothes everyday, so I think that by paying attention to our attire, we can bridge the gap between what we intended and what we actually make a style. Why don’t you enjoy such a way of attire?