1.メンズドレススタイルにおける色の使い方:ベースカラーについて/How to use colors in gentlemen’s dress styles: About the base colors

In this article, I would like to describe ”the base color” in the theme “How to use color in gentlemen’s dress style”.


First of all, I will introduce how to use the colors that are the basis of my dress style.

My dress style means that the style of tightening a tie to a suit or a jacket. And I think that the base colors in gentlemen’s dress style are 4 colors(※) which are “navy” “gray” “beige” and “brown”.
※I understand that black is not a dress but a formal color.


The base color refers to the color of the suit or jacket that accounts for the largest area of the attire. In addition to this base color, there are shirts, trousers, ties, pocket squares and hoses, and shoe colors in gentlemen’s dress styles.

By the way, I do not need to show my individuality on attire in terms of my work.

For example, if you are an artist or a profession named creator, it is often the case that your attire itself is branding, so I think that there is a need for individuality. Also, if you are a self-employed business, you may have a characteristic style to leave a strong impression. However, since I am an ordinary businessman, the words “trust” and “sincerity” take precedence over individuality on attire.

Therefore, it is most desirable for me to be considered as a “trusted person” or “sincere person” from a business partner. So, I don’t like that the “attire” comes out (conspicuous) over myself (humanity).Because of such a business environment, I use the two colors of the classic “navy” and “gray” as the base colors in my attire, even if the color tone was high or low.


However, if you love fashion, you may want to use colors that have a seasonal feel, or use colors other than the above two classic colors. In such cases, to the extent permitted by the situations, the base of the style is made using “beige” and “brown” in addition to “navy” and “gray”. As you can see from my Instagram (ID: “csme_rm55“), it is not an exaggeration to say that 90% or more of my working styles consist of these four base colors.


In other words, I use “gray” and “navy” to the base color in the formal situation, and if I could be casual down in my work, I use “beige” and “brown”. In this way, I enjoy using colors in dress styles by using the right color for the situation.


Then, in the gentlemen’s dress style, can we only use the above four colors as the base colors! ? I don’t think so.

As long as I check at the gentlemen’s dress style in the world on Instagram etc. It is probably a common values all over the world in that the base of dress colors for businessmen is “navy” and “gray”.

However, those who are in an environment where casual down is allowed do not necessarily use only the above-mentioned “beige” or “brown”, but also seem to use the colors such as “green”, “purple” and “bordeaux”.

While these colors may not always be the best base colors for all businessmen, they express individuality depending on the cultural background of each country, the color tolerance in the business, etc. I understood so.

I believe that color is one of the most visually influential factors in attire in terms of forming an impression, so I think it is important to use the appropriate base color for the situation to dress beautifully.