アメリカンカジュアルスタイリング/ Attires for everyone to spend comfortably

今日は「アメリカンカジュアルスタイリング」と言うテーマを掲げて、「Style Book」コンテンツのカジュアル編の記事をお送りしたいと思います。

Today, I would like to write an article with the theme of “American casual styling.” And in this article, I consider about attires for everyone to spend comfortably.


・TPOと装い/Situation and Attire


Today I’ll introduce a casual styling in middle January 2020. It was raining mixed with sleet from the morning and the maximum temperature was as low as about 4 degrees Celsius, so it was a very cold day.



I was going to play at a friend’s house that day, but this friend has no interest in fashions. He often wears sportswear like track jacket/pants, so I decided to visit in a casual style, thought that if I dressed up, it might make him feel awkward.



So I wore a cable-knitted gray-beige crew neck knit, olive-colored cargo pants, and a denim jacket. I was dressed not a jacket but for American casual.



And, I choose suede boots for both rain and cold protection at my feet.



In addition, I moved on the train in the cold of rain, so I also wore a highly water-repellent down coat.


・あとがき/ Consideration


Previously, I wrote in an article “Have a clear purpose for dressing.“, but in order to dress beautifully, it is important to clarify the purpose of dressing.



Spending happy time with friend’s family is primary purpose and important for me on this day. Therefore, rather than wearing my favorite clothes, I was conscious of giving priority to the comfort and enjoyment of everyone on the spot.



Some people who aren’t interested in fashion seem to feel small if some people dress up gorgeously. It’s natural to be interested in not only fashion but also various fields, so I personally don’t think it’s necessary to have that kind of feeling, but it’s an individual problem, so it’s not a problem that I can solve.



In our long standing relationship, my friends didn’t seem to care about that, but at least this casual styling was my thoughtful attire so that my friend would not have such feeling.



I don’t know if the attire was beautiful on this day or not, but while I spent time with my friends and family, we were always laughing, and it was very fun. So I feel that there was a “beautiful” time there.



When enjoying the fashion, it may sometimes be necessary to care that not everyone in the world likes fashions.