良いスーツとは何か?/ What is a good suit?



Today, I would like to write a column on the theme of “What is a good suit?” And in this article, I consider about how to define a good suit.


  • 良いスーツとは何か?/ What is a good suit?


Well, if you get the question, “What is a good suit?” Can you answer it?



If you can’t answer the above question, I guess you probably don’t have enough experience with the suit, and if you can give a clear answer, you must be a person who have a original way of seeing to the suit.



By the way, I think there is no single correct answer to the above question.



In other words, I think it’s most important to have your own definition of what a good suit is, if I say it from the conclusion.



When I was less experienced in suits, I was drifting in the sea of ​​information, and chasing the “best suits”.



Specifically, to know the suit what is “highest quality” suits, searched for information about it in various media such as magazines and the web over and over. Also I was looking for a suit that someone who has more experience than me would rate “best”.



But after much experience, it is clear that the answer to the question “What is a good suit?” exist not “outside” but “inside.” In other words, I found the fact that the answer existed within myself.



If you want a good suit, I think the first thing to do is to ask yourself, not to gather information about good suit on media.


  • あなたはスーツに何を求めるのか?/What you want from a suit?


I think that the question “What is a good suit” is considered synonymous with answering the question “What you want from a suit?”



For example, if you think that your requirement to a suit is “status,” you probably don’t want a Naples artisan to tailor the suit, but a world-renowned luxury brand suit. I think that will be a “good suit” for you.



Also, if “price (cheapness)” is the most important factor, the suits made by fast fashion brands will probably be the “best suits”.



I don’t think it’s that simple in practice, but the definition of a good suit depends on what you want from the suit. Therefore, it exist not “the best suit in the world” but only “the best suit for you”.



It is up to each person to decide what kind of perspective should be taken to evaluate a suit, but there are two main way of suit evaluations: “visible point” and “invisible point.”



For “visible point”, style, design, tailoring / production method, size, etc. can be listed as specific evaluation axes. And for “invisible point”, price, comfort, elation when you wearing, etc. can be listed.



You need long time to take a evaluation axis for the suit, of course, that axis might be changed.



Note that the important thing here is not whether or not those evaluation axes are correct, but the act of deciding on your own.



This is because a suit that satisfies the “what you want from a suit” that you have decided is a good suit for yourself.



As a side note, when judging good or bad of a suit, I have the following three major evaluation axes.


  1. 適正サイズ:             私にとって適正サイズか否か
  2. 着心地の良さ:         私好みの着心地の良さがあるか否か
  3. 格好良さ:                 体型補正をした上で、理想のバランス感が実現出来るか否か
  1. Appropriate size:  Whether the suit is the right size for me
  2. Comforts:        Whether the suit has a comfort that I like
  3. Coolness:      Whether the suit has ideal balance and correcting my body shape



I won’t go into the details of my suit’s rating axis in this article. What I want to tell you is that you should not forget that it is you who decides whether a suit is good, not anyone else.