トーン差をつけないVゾーンスタイリング/ The dressed chest with no difference in color tone

今日は「トーン差をつけないVゾーンスタイリング」と言うテーマを掲げて、「Style Book」コンテンツのドレス編の記事をお送りしたいと思います。

Today, I would like to write an article with the theme of “The dressed chest with no difference in color tone”. And in this article, I consider about how to make beautiful the dressed chest with no difference in color tone.


・TPOと装い/Situation and Attire


Today, I’ll introduce the attire of late January. It was a sunny day, with a maximum temperature of around 12 degrees Celsius.



By the way, fabrics with a strong sense of the season are generally classified as casual. Therefore, on days when there is no meeting with people outside the company, I am actively enjoying dressing with such fabrics as a fashion lover.



In this situation, I chose a flannel wool window-pain check suit with a gray base color, a plain white shirt and a flannel wool beige glen check patterned tie. Also I combined brown wool cardigan to inner, and white pocket square (flannel cotton) is put on the chest.



And I wore brown semi-brogue shoes for my feet.


・あとがき/ Consideration


Color has a tone. To quote the definition of a tone, the description is as follows:


明度と彩度の複合概念/Complex concept of lightness and saturation




The following figure is easy to understand, so I will quote it together. The lightness is plotted on the vertical axis and the saturation is plotted on the horizontal axis.




In terms of color, I generally feel that when coordinating clothes, items with different tones are often combined.



For example, dark navy jackets are often fitted with light-colored pants, such as light gray, rather than dark colors with similar lightness, such as charcoal gray or navy.



Also, in the case of the dressed chest, when you wear dark (calm) colors suits or jackets, the coordination of choosing gorgeous colors tie seems to be in common use.



I personally understand that matching items with different colors (brightness / saturation) gives a three-dimensional effect and beauty to the attire. Of course, this is my personal opinion, so some may have it differently.



However, it is often difficult to overlap gorgeous items in business attire, and if you combine items with the same lightness, I was feeling the attire will not have a sharp impression, or less expression as fashion.



But, since I can not understand the sense unless I actually try it myself, recently I’m often trying to coordinate items with similar color tone.



The attire I’m talking about today is one example of such a challenge. A bright tone suit and tie were combined to coordinate the dressed chest.



When using bright colors (lightness) for both suit and tie, one thing to be careful about is to give a restless impression. To keep this in check, I adjusted my dark brown cardigan to the inner this time.



I don’t know if it worked or not, but I personally had a feeling better than I expected.



It seems difficult to match with high saturation (vivid) items each other in the business attire. So if you want to coordinate items which are no difference in color tone, it is better to match same lightness items. I feel that if I can coordinate well with bright tones items, I can create an elegant atmosphere, and also if I coordinate with dark tones items, I can create a calm and mature atmosphere.



I don’t have enough experience yet, but in the future I will try to find out the secret of dressing beautifully by matching items with the same color tone.